We’ve been actively involved in the research and development of Nanoceutical products including the world’s first 3D nano-pulverizer technology which led to the successful production of Nano Calcium Essential.

This technology enables the manufacture of organic and inorganic materials through an ultrapure classification system. This has opened up a whole new chapter in the management of dietary supplementation.

Attributes of a decent nano calcium supplement incorporates ingestion rate, item solvency, phosphate substance and ionic conversion scale. It’s trusted that nano innovation can conquer a portion of the weaknesses related with these enhancements subsequently bringing forth what is called, Nano Calcium.

Nutrican is still actively involved in the development of nano-related products. We are looking towards the continued use of this technology to create products that enhance the wellbeing and health of the human body.

Nano Calcium Essential

We’ve focused a great deal of our resources into the production of Nano Calcium Essential simply because calcium is necessary for many of the body’s functions. Insufficient intake of this mineral over a prolonged period can lead to bone thinning, loss of calcium stores in bones as well as increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Calcium Nano enhancements can diminish the danger of creating osteoporosis, however they are not promptly ingested in the gastrointestinal tract. Nanotechnology is required to determine this issue. In the present examination, we inspected whether the bioavailability of calcium carbonate and calcium citrate can be enhanced by lessening the molecule measure. The morphology of nano calcium carbonate and nano calcium citrate was described by powerful laser-light dissipating (DLS), field-discharge examining electron microscopy (FE-SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

Nano calcium essentials provides calcium carbonate nanoparticles with a consistent particle size of 30-900nm. That is 100,000 times smaller than that in the calcium supplements that are currently available. This small particle size ensures complete (100%) absorption and utilization by the body. This reduces the chances of developing constipation or kidney stones that are often a side effect of undigested calcium.

After certain time frame femur, blood and excrement tests were gathered from the rodents for calcium testing. Endings inferred that rodent encouraged with nano-calcium-carbonate had more calcium serum contrasted and nano-calcium-citrate diet in spite of the fact that the thing that matters was low. There are various nano calcium carbonate suppliers who can help you.

Nano Calcium Essential is the purest and best calcium supplement available today. It is free from lead, chromium, mercury and barium. Finally, you can have a calcium supplement that is free of sugar, starch, gluten, yeast, artificial preservatives and flavoring. It is suitable for all consumers.

The development to cell division and electric incitement to hormone emission, calcium assumes an indispensable job in the body. Despite the fact that calcium supplementation is connected with cardiovascular ailments, these items are generally utilized everywhere throughout the world. The nano calcium supplement for kids is the best enhancement for your wellbeing.

NanOsteo is currently available in various countries around the world. Many people are already experiencing the benefits of this superior formulation.

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