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What is BONE-Dr Calcium? The difference from regular Calcium

In the typical form, only about 20% of the Calcium ingested by the body is absorbed; the rest will be excreted. BONE-Dr Calcium was born to overcome the limitations of normal Calcium, help prevent calcium deficiency, effectively take care of health and promote maximum height growth.

What is BONE-Dr Calcium?

BONE-Dr is a form of Calcium prepared by nanotechnology breaking down Calcium into particles with the size of only a few tens of nanometers(1Nm – 0.00001 mm).

With this size, BONE-Dr has good solubility, rapid absorption, maximum absorption from the intestines into the blood, and no calcium deposition in the intestines, causing constipation and kidney stones like normal Calcium.

The absorption capacity of BONE-Dr Calcium is almost maximized, so we only need to provide about 1/4 of the normal Calcium required to meet the body’s activities. For example, during puberty, we need to add 1000-1200mg of Calcium every day, then with BONE-Dr Calcium, we only need to add about 250-300mg.

Compare BONE-Dr Calcium with Normal Calcium Supplements

To objectively evaluate the advantages of BONE-Dr ver normal calcium, we can compare the characteristics of these two forms of Calcium through the mentioned below.

Ordinary Calcium BONE-Dr Calcium
Super Small
Absorption capacity
Slow, not maximally absorbed
Fast, maximum absorption
The ability to settle in the intestinal wall
Is Not
May be harmful to the body if taken in excess
No harm when supplemented in excess

BONE-Dr Calcium is one of the outstanding achievements of the application of nanotechnology in pharmaceutical production, effectively overcoming the limitations of ordinary Calcium, helping to better care for and protect health. BONE-Dr Calcium, when added to the body, will effectively perform the tasks of normal Calcium. At the same time does not cause any adverse side effects on health even though we “accidentally” supplement too much.

The role of BONE-Dr Calcium in the body

Calcium only accounts for about 1.5 – 2% of body weight but is extremely important in human health and physical development. 99% Calcium exists in bones and teeth. The remaining 1% of Calcium is in the blood. 

In the human body, Calcium exists in two forms:

  • Calcium in bones: Bone structure includes: water, protein, lipids, glycosaminoglycans, and minerals. Most of the minerals in bones are calcium salts.
  • Extra-skeletal Calcium: Located in extracellular fluid, soft tissues. Extra-bone Calcium plays an essential role in neuromuscular activity and blood clotting. The total amount of Calcium outside the bones should not exceed 10g.

BONE-Dr Calcium for bones

Calcium is the main component in the structure of bones. Bones are mainly made up of minerals; the most significant proportion is Calcium (more than 70%), and the rest is organic substances, most of which is Collagen (accounting for 30%). Lack of Calcium causes the process of creating new bones to stop and old bones to weaken.

BONE-Dr Calcium for the immune system

Calcium and white blood cells are “commanding” the process of responding to invading bacteria, attacking the body, and protecting the body from the risk of disease. In addition, Calcium can activate the ability to move and surround white blood cells, effectively destroy pathogenic bacteria and toxins, and help the body recover quickly. Therefore, adding enough Calcium can strengthen the body’s immunity and prevent chronic diseases effectively.

BONE-Dr Calcium for the nervous system

Calcium is involved in supporting the body’s nerve transmission process. Without the necessary amount of Calcium, neurotransmitter activity is hindered, emotions such as excitement and happiness decrease, and it isn’t easy to control emotions, reducing the ability to concentrate. Adults with calcium deficiency are often forgetful, mentally unstable, lose sleep, always feel sleepy, grumpy, anxious, dreamy, have headaches, and have a “rainy morning in the morning” temperament. Children often cry at night, startle during sleep, and experience function dysfunction when they have a calcium deficiency.

BONE-Dr calcium for muscles and heart muscle

Calcium participates in regulating the contraction and contraction of muscles and heart muscle. When there is not enough Calcium, the elasticity of the muscle. When there is not enough Calcium, the elasticity of the muscles is reduced, physical strength declines, the body is tired, and there is no strength. Meanwhile, causing slow blood circulation, palpitations, shortness of breath, and sweating a lot if the body is deficient in Calcium.

BONE-Dr Calcium for fertility

The first part of the coccyx in sperm has a crystal made of Calcium. This calcium crystal will break the membrane of the egg cell, help the sperm enter and also start the fertilization process. Then, the same calcium wave creates movements around the egg cell, commonly known as “calcium shock,” to help activate the egg cell; the fertilization process is most effective.

In women, calcium s present in the membrane of the egg cell, helping the egg to be better protected. Without enough Calcium, eggs will be fragile. When the sperm reaches the egg cell, the egg breaker, there is no fertilization, and it is complicated to get pregnant.

For pregnant women: Right from the first months of pregnancy, the fetal bone-building process has begun to take place. The mother’s body needs to supplement with the necessary amount of Calcium to both serve the mother’s needs and accumulate for the bone formation of the fetus. For the mother’s body to be healthy and the fetus to develop well, it must meet the calcium needs of 1000-1200mg/day. If there is a lack of Calcium, the body will direct Calcium from the mother’s bones to the outside, gradually causing bone loss and bone spongy, increasing the risk of Osteoporosis. For the choice of calcium supplement in any form, pregnant women need to consult a doctor before making it.

Calcium requirements vary depending on the stage of development:

BONE-Dr Calcium effectively develops height.

Which calcium supplement, and how much content will directly affect the process of human height growth? During development, the body needs Calcium to promote long bones, strong bones, and maximum height growth. Right from the time of pregnancy, pregnant women must provide enough Calcium to support the formation of the fetal skeletal system effectively. Older people still need calcium supplements to maintain bone health and prevent the risk of Osteoporosis, joint pain, and difficulty walking. 

Calcium helps to increase height.

Many of us consciously added Calcium daily through food to promote better height growth. However, Calcium from food is quite raw, large in size, and complex for the body to absorb. It is not uncommon to eat many calcium-containing foods, but the body still has a calcium deficiency. Supplementing Calcium with oral products is also a widely used option. But if only regular Calcium is chosen, the body still cannot absorb Calcium smoothly.

Compared with normal Calcium, BONE-Dr Calcium has many outstanding advantages, will perform well supporting favourable growth and height, and is also very beneficial to health. Therefore, instead of regular calcium supplements, we should prioritize choosing BONE-Dr Calcium if there is a need to improve height quickly. 

With its ultra-small particle size, BONE-Dr Calcium dissolves quickly, maximally absorbed from the intestines into the blood without and deposition in the intestinal wall causing kidney stones, constipation, adverse health effects. BONE-Dr Calcium attaches to the collagen type II grids to build a solid and supple bone structure when entering the bone. Extending to the old bone, our height gradually increases markedly. Therefore, supplementing with BONE-Dr Calcium is the perfect choice to promote maximum growth height and care and protect comprehensive health. You should choose reputable and quality BONE-Dr Calcium supplement products that are well-reviewed by many users, and it cured many people who have Osteoporosis over the years. 

When should BONE-Dr Calcium be taken?

The BONE-Dr Calcium has many advantages over regular Calcium. However, to help Calcium perform its tasks excellently, we should consider the best time to supplement Calcium to create favourable conditions for maximum height growth. The timing of calcium supplementation also dramatically affects the body’s ability to absorb this mineral.

Many nutritionists recommend supplementing with Calcium in the morning, about 30 minutes – 1 hour after breakfast. The time frame from 7-8 am is the ideal time to drink Calcium because the body quickly absorbs all the calcium intake, reducing the risk of calcium accumulation in the kidneys and urinary tract. In particular, we can both eat breakfast and sunbathe, help the body synthesize Vitamin D, and support bones to absorb Calcium more effectively, which is beneficial for height growth. Do not take Calcium before eating because there is a risk that calcium accumulation may cause adverse effects on the stomach.

During puberty, the body needs a large amount of Calcium every day. We need to divide this amount of Calcium in half, use 1/2 at breakfast and the remaining 1/2 at noon to help the body absorb Calcium more efficiently.

Calcium should not be taken after 9 pm because, at this time, we are often sedentary; when the body tolerates Calcium, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and hindering the absorption of other nutrients may occur.

Choosing BONE-Dr Calcium supplements is an adequate height improvement solution that we should not miss. Outstanding height helps us to be more confident in work and life, successfully conquering many challenges. 

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