Nano Powder Produced by Our 3D Dry Nano Pulverizer

Nanoparticles covers a diverse range of chemical and other entities. They can be metallic, mineral, polymer-based or a combination of materials. Nano powders, which are solid particles that measure on the nano scale, can be used in various application such as catalysts, drug delivery mechanisms, dyes, sunscreens, filters and much more. Nano powders have been of extreme interest in the pharmaceutical field. It’s particle size is able to be delivered in new ways to patients, through solutions, oral, injected, aerosol and inhaler.

Nano powder produced by our 3D Dry Nano Pulverizer exhibits unique properties, it has a wide range of high value commercial applications in this rapid expanding market.

The key advantages of our Nano powder to success as follow:

After pulverizing

Black Ginseng D50: 200nm

nano size Black ginseng

Spirulina D50: 30nm

nano size Spirulina

CaCo3 D50: 100 ~ 500nm

nano size Caco3

Better efficient and effective function being the spherical shape finishing, while the conventional nano-particle produced through physical mechanism is in needle shape.

Narrow particle size distribution.

narrow size distribution