Advantages of 3D Dry Nano Pulverizer

Remains "AS-IS" Properties

Our 3D Dry Nano Pulverizer controls and maintains temperature in the course of pulverizing process, the ground material remains “as-is” ingredients or properties of substances regardless nature of input materials. While existing conventional wet type techniques that add water to the ingredients in order to grind the mixture under low temperature condition. This carry the risk of losing its nutrients and oxidizing the mixture. Furthermore, the re-drying the mixture can be complicated.

Mass Production

Able to be mass production, approximately 4 times compared to the conventional methods.

Environmental Friendly

Our 3D Dry Nano Pulverizer requires no drop of industrial water during the course of processing. The synthetic process system requires large quantity of industrial water in the course of process, and depending on processing materials for nanoparticles, it requires expensive waste water treatment plant on top of tremendous environment recovery cost in later stage.

Low Energy Consumption

Our 3D Dry Nano Pulverizer consumes power that almost equivalent to residential level. On the other hand, Nano technologies with synthetic processing consumes large energy while plasma arc process is even more, it needs tremendous electric consumption of up to 300,000Volt. The electric power consumption almost far less compared to the conventional physical milling mechanism, about 98 percent of surface energy saving.