Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue and inner skin layer in animals, and the most abundant fibrous protein in mammals, making up about 90% of the main protein component of the bone. Generally, collagen is used in medical care and in cosmetics, it is an animal's bone and skin extracts. It is a macromolecule protein, which is made of triple helix structures. The triple helix is composed of three polypeptide chains about 100,000 molecular weight.

NanoCollagen changes into a low molecule by a ferment resolution, a digestion absorptance high. It's average molecular weight is about 400Da, specific gravity in appearance is over 0.5. So it compares in the other product and the insect position characteristic is good and the dust to be few work characteristic is superior it.

  • Nano-sized collagen with under 500 dalton molecule weight from pure fish scales.
  • Helping your body restore itself on a molecular level. Supports healthy skin, hair & nails.
  • Ease joint pain and inflammation. Helps support bone density.

Nano Collagen with High Absorption Rate

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NANO COLLAGEN using pure marine fish scale is extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis technology.

Its high absorption rate enables collagen to be well-absorbed into human body via small intestine, liver, and capillary vessel.

  • It is turned a low molecule by enzymatic process, so it is a quick absorption in the body.
  • It is easily soluble in cold water.
  • It can enhance a hair, a nail and a toenail for a beauty effect.
  • It is able to use in Pharmacy as a healthy aid food or a joint care products, because the amino acids is abundant and it ideally supply a nutrition to a joint.
  • There is a function that it is always maintained an elastic and fresh skin by an activating metabolism of skin and a keeping moisturizing capacity. Therefore, it is able to use in cosmetics.

Digestion and absorption of Nanocollagen

Digestion and absorption of collagen in the body

Step 1: Collagen is digested by enzymes in the form of Oligopeptide by the stomach and the small intestine.

Step 2: Oligopeptide is digested and absorbed in the small intestine Amino acid and peptide form by Dipeptides and Aminopoly-peptidases.

Step 3: Peptide form is digested Amino acid into in the cytoplasm by the peptidase it is passed to humans through the capillaries in the liver.

*Collagen peptide S100 is a step of bypassing the digestive step1 and step2, and increased absorption at step3.

*Nanocollagen is a step of bypassing the digestive step1, step2 and step3, and increased absorption at step3~4.

* If General Collagen peptide is not digested in the step1 and step2, which may decrease the absorption rate.


  • Suffer from Weak Connective Tissues due to Aging
  • Have an Asteatosis, Associated with Excessive Drying of Skin
  • Suffer from Dry Eye Disease and Fatigue
  • Suffer from Dry skin and Wrinkles Caused by Diet
  • Have Less Elastic Blood Vessels and Poor Circulation
  • Expect Glossy and Healthy Hair
  • Feel Bone and Joint Weakness
  • Expect to Boost Skin Hydration and Elasticity
  • Suffer Urinary Incontinence and Vaginal Dryness
  • Suffer Gum Disease
  • Suffer Cracked and Brittle Finger and Toenail
  • Feel Collagen Deficiency