Pulverizer Comparison

Pulverizer Comparison

 Existing ultra-micro  
 Wet type pulverizer  Dry type Nano Mill  Bottom-up method
 Name of production  Jet Mill  Existing Ball Mill  3D Dry Nano Pulverizer  Nano Sol method
Product particle size  3 ~ 5 µm  3 ~ 5 µm  1~ 1000 nm
 (control of particle size distribution is possible)

 1 ~ 30 nm
 Re-pulverizing of
 oversize particles
 Impossible  Impossible  Repulverize from
 500nm to 2nm is  

 Impossible to produce
 smaller than 30nm
 Change in composition  Composite destroyed
 by heat
 Oxidation of material  No dispersant require  Highly change in
 composition, require

 Change in nutrition  Nutritients destroyed
 by heat
 Heavy loss  No loss in vitamin and
 other nutrients

 Impossible to produce
 Mixing of impured  
 foreign matters

 Yes  Yes  No  Yes
 Mass production
 (gram / hour)

 Impossible  Impossible  1000 ~ 2000 g  20 ~ 30 g
 Pulverizing scope  Restricted only non
 metallic minerals
 Restricted  Almost all materials –  
 sulfur, ginseng, green tea,  silkworm, silica, Fe2O3, silver, nickel, caCO3, 
 electronics /
 materials copper etc.

 Extremely restricted –
 silica, silver etc.
 (about 10 kinds)